street fight​!​!​! round three

by man factory

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this is the third and final installment of our street fight! albums.


released December 27, 2013

©2013 Man Factory
not a product of capcom

Drums engineered by Barry Dyer
Mastered by Cory Allen



all rights reserved
Track Name: ken hitches a ride
surfing is my sport and my only joy
it helps me stay afloat when i've lost all hope

i oughta stay out here and live out my years
and forget ryu and eliza, too
i'll get a sailor's cap and grow a black mustache
and board a boat or two and if i'm in the mood
i'll pulverize the crew and i'll loot the food
and when i hand out wounds i'll pretend it's ryu
i may burn in hell for all the casualties
but it's just as well, cuz i could use the relief

there's a pirate ship
on the horizon line
cuttin' through the mist
and makin' real good time
and i've made up my mind
this boat is mine

i've been had
your scar's the same as mine
ken i'm not that bad
i just had to choose a side
now i know
so let's chart a new course and make a deal
we're on our way back to the usa
where a couple uppercuts will make this all go away
Track Name: ryu's concern
dude, no problem

ryu have you no concern??
won't you cry as tokyo burns??
my life is as good as gone
i won't bow down to bison

c'mon kid you know i quit a long time ago
i don't need this kind of grief in the usa
payments on a home
tgif and the super bowl
all of these things on my list of things to do today

USAs are SOBs
i don't need this kind of grief

where's the ryu from my trading cards??
i'll trade them in for the biker mice from mars
but the card shop's been reduced to dust
you're too late and now the very same fate'll befall the rest of us

c'mon kid you know i quit a long time ago
i don't need this kind of grief in the usa
i can't find my remote
somethin' ain't right on this electric bill
you know i'd come to help you, but my day's all filled

i saw bison on the evening news
how could i have let that monster run loose??
this is not ryu
Track Name: ken settles the score
not so fast ryu
where do you think you're off to??
could explain these clues
cuz they all point to you and my honey pie

now sagat and i see patch to eye
he's really not that bad of a guy

this is the end
revenge is mine
it is not true what they say about time
nothing heals these wounds
the best that i can do
is rip your heart in two
there'll be nothing left of you and i
an eye for an eye

i never thought you'd betray me
partners in crime, friends to the end
this is the end

here's one way we're not alike
i'm only sleeping tonight

you're not this fast, are you?? not that fast at all
Track Name: bison inside
i need help my friend
yes i know you do
but i have said before, i can't help you
are you not interested?
i am a refugee
you are a fugitive
you are bloodthirsty

i thought that was a street fight
rule number one you can't kill
just because my opponent died doesn't mean i did it for thrill

as a major i have killed a thousand men
but no one seemed to care about them
what's the difference?
don't compare the games i made to military escapades
you will have to pay
what did you say?!

is that a threat my friend?
here's another one: you'd better leave now friend
call me bison
yes i've changed my name
but i am still the same
i killed the man i fought using the moves you taught

i have never seen a man fly across the room as you do
you forget that i am more powerful than you (i think you got another thing comin')
so think about that when i ask again; let me hide out in your home
(i think you'd better keep on runnin') i am not afraid of you or him
bison no means no

if you're not afraid of me then
let me introduce you to the death machine who stands between you and me
watch him closely
he will use his claws when he sticks them in he'll break them off inside your skin
show no mercy

if you harm chun li...
we won't hurt her
but she will hear you scream bloody murder
not while she is here
this is not the time
vega make it quick
before i change my mind
she is too nearby
she is just outside
Track Name: maria's letter
dear chun li
you don't know me
but we share a common enemy
and yes, indeed i've seen the pain he can bring

my precious guile, my air force man
lost his life to the bison clan
the rules of this game have been broken and flawed
this fighter he hides behind a mask and a claw

this game has gotten way out of control
they made you an orphan and me a widow
so i'm writing you now, chun
no more can i stand
revenge that you seek is waiting for you in thailand

chun li wait
chun li stay in your country

there is nothing you can do that will stop me now
i made my choice, i leave tonight
tear these men apart by light
you better be ready to fight
in your eyes i see your pain
but what do you expect to gain??
ready up the engines for flight
once you step into this plane there's no turning again
listen to me when i say no continues in this game

fly this plane
Track Name: pilot sonata
once when i was young
it must've been around the year of 1991
i never will forget the first time i made eyes with the most radiant girl
she must've been around the age of 22 or so
i wanted to know her
she cared of nothing but street fight

her father was my friend
he asked if i'd be interested in flying all his men
across the world for tournaments
vega ken dhalsim e. honda
sagat bison zangief and blanka
balrog guile and ryu
i need somebody i can trust like you
think it over
at the time it just seemed right

so i took the old man's two cents
got my first commercial license as a pilot
'til i let myself get so caught up in street fight

he asked me please look after chun li
if anything should happen to me
i know this business can be dirty
will you be there just in case she needs a ride home??
cuz i know that she's so caught up in street fight
Track Name: one fight in bangkok
where the hell d'you think you're going??
get back here and help me clean this mess
balrog take his arms
sagat take the legs

heart's still beating
boss he's breathing
through his mask we hear him wheezing

hold him up this shan't take long
did you say shan't??
i say shan't in my songs!!
now which one of my moves should i use to make you lose??

there's the card shop
faster, don't stop
call blanka we need some back-up!

knock knock knock
who could that be??
that sumo cop

open up it's the police!!
we heard screaming in the night
open up and take a bite

you take blanka
you take honda
i've got vega
chun li's on her way...

what the hell did you say??
what the hell did you say to me??
i said the girl's on her way
ain't no way that could be
ain't no way she's alive
you said you killed her when you killed him
that was always a lie
the only thing i did right

i thought i told you to take care of both of them
then you cut his throat and then-
-and then you ran away
ran away for sagat's boat
so i stayed behind, did your dirty work
i thought i'd be fine but when i drew my knives on her
her eyes shut tight
that's when i changed my mind

her defeat will come so easily
i'll distract her and keep my hands clean

you've got no mask and you'll confess
you spill the past and she'll spill what blood is left
glad i haven't killed you yet
she will avenge her dead father
and i will avenge my best soldier
hold on
you haven't seen this girl
how strong can she be??
Track Name: i hope you are prepared to die
hello chun
shut up, 'son
tell me where i can find'em
i was told he's here from spain
the silver mask without a name
bison tell me now, where does he hide??
or i'll bump you up the front the line
you must learn the girl is gone
a bitch returns to right a wrong
i'll only ask you one more time
i hope you are prepared to die
bison tell me where he hides
i hope you are prepared to die
Track Name: vega revealed
i have heard those words before
from a brave conquistador
yes i think you'll know his name
i broke the mask that hid his shame
no he didn't fare too well
bring him out and see for yourself

vega how long has it been??
you've got longer hair but you're just as thin

chun li i'm sorry
i never meant to kill
your dad had the power as street fighter founder
bison couldn't wait to be your dad's successor

long ago dad made a game of this all
back before money was ever involved
but you cut his face
and all you can say is
chun li i'm sorry
i never meant to kill

the street fighter code was never to kill
but now that it's changed
prepare to be erased
Track Name: chun li in red
look what you did to him
the rapid kicks did him in
now you know what you gotta do
now it's my turn to lose
bison's gone so go ahead
take my claws
do me next

i can't believe how you're bossin' me
but that's ok, see i brought my own
rusty blades from my home

here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go
do it now, do it now, do it now, do it now

do to me what i did to him
i can't forget all my sins

chun li what side are you on??
why can't you finish the job??
the way to pay for your sins
is live in hell as i've lived

and as the girl walks away
as you're burning with shame
a silver flash in the street
and there she falls at bison's feet


can you stay awake??
can you keep from dying??
one more hit to take
can you keep on fighting??
or is it too much pain seeing her all in red
too much pain knowing you're alive instead??
not today, not today
oh my god
this is my only shot
i'm not afraid, not afraid

round III