street fight​!​! round two

by man factory

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this is the second installment in our trilogy of street fight! albums.

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released April 6, 2010

© 2010 Man Factory



all rights reserved
Track Name: sagat 7'3"
Great job! To my man from the USA. Balrog with the victory.
Must have won cause you’re pouring all that champagne
Memory’s not what it used to be.
I don’t remember ever hearing any bell ding
cause we haven’t yet even stepped in a boxing ring.
So I’m turning your mic off, should have done that a long time ago.
Got no reason to trash talk. This isn’t your rap song video.
By the way, who’d you get to write that?
Sounding like a kid in a rapping class.
Too late to get your rap money paid back?
(boxin is a sport) Get your money back for that baby rap.
(it’s not for pretty boys) Who’d you pay for that? Paid a baby cash?
(good old-fashioned kicks) Get your money back for that baby rap.
(and my tiger fist) Who’d you pay for that? Paid a baby cash?
I wanna say to all you boys in the media. You don’t know it but you’re at a fight.
That’s OK, Balrog don’t know it either. Either way you gotta loosen that tie.
Here’s some words for your news clip blip bitch “off with the clothes here we go it’s my Vegas Strip”
Entertainers invade us! You and Katy go home!
Y’all gon’ wake up in Vegas after you get KO-d.
No MC so I’ll do it myself. Ladies and gentlemen, fellow countrymen:
at 7’3” in my corner is me
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. You’re at 7 count.
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. You’re at 8 count.
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. You’re at 9 count.
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. That makes 10 count.

All these USAs, all these SOBs. Will it ever stop? Will they ever leave?
Sagat take it easy don’t you know you won?
It’s over when I say, I say it just begun.
Stay away from my country. Stay away from my country.
Well then promise us you won’t want foreign aid.
Sagat won’t you stay? Sagat won’t you stay here?
Fight the USA, but fight them all from here.
Sagat stay sagat stay sagat stay in your country.
Save your game save your game how much fame does a man need?
It’s not a question of my love for my country.
I like to fight, hunt for gold, circumnavigate the globe
and I know this is in my best interest.
We need you here among your folk. Fight our fear and give us hope.
What’ll it be, what’ll it be, home or sea, home or sea? Sagat please, Sagat please!
Well I’d like to help you out and defend my native city,
but look all over town you’re protected by an army.
I’d like to help you out, but hey, I’m only Sagat.
My game is all that counts I’m afraid I have to get back, get back to sea.
Oh, there goes Sagat!
Track Name: blanka sings the blues
nobody likes me
they turned their backs when they found me
on a jungle expedition in the heart of brazil

but they kept a file on me
all about my electric energy
and now there's a tuff new enemy and
they need blanka's help

and i haven't got anyone, so i'm
takin' down the bad guys for fun
and i'm ready, i'm ready to go

now they're treatin' me so well
they put me up in a hotel
just as long as i don't tell
anyone that i'm here

you'll have to excuse the drool
cuz i've been hangin' out by the pool
and i'm lookin' for a lady that

won't scream when i say "HEY PRETTY MOMMA!"

and i haven't got anyone, so i'm
roundin' up the bad guys for fun
and i'm ready, i'm ready to go
but i'd really like a new pair of
pants, a good haircut and a little romance
cuz i'm tired, tired of bein' alone
Track Name: ken's wipeout
up in the morning to the sound of an anchor
oh come on girl, can we watch the news later?
i turn around see her glued to my mitsu
and with a frown goin -
"where the hell is ryu?"

baby don't worry i'm sure he's near
blanket off i'm takin' off i'm gettin outta here
how come she always mentions him?
could she be shy-yuken my best fren?

but oh well i gotta hit the dojo
big fight in vegas televised on HBO
in a rush i gotta fix my hairdo
and in my brush - bummer - i found me a clue

i'm blond, you're blond what's goin' on?
this hair is black who's been in your sack?
wipeout freeze frame and a thunder crash
she gets around like a record scratch

i could be missing in the amazon jungle,
he takes a break and he's breaking news!
he's got the whole world screamin "where is ryu?"
Track Name: heart attack III
barefoot on the hot sand
take me to the beach
i'm tired of livin on the land
tired of the street
he never was a cheap shot
so how could he have changed?
maybe never got caught
he's always been that way
well i guess we're not the same

i don't need a shove
i don't need a push
i'm already off
you did what you could
you untied the knot.

the ocean can't do nothin
that ain't been done by her
the storm i see a'comin'
has already occurred
the wind i feel that blows
my sailboat out to sea
doesn't even come close
to the wind knocked out of me
when caught wind of how you cheat

pray to poseidon
not to take my boat
says i need to lighten
lighten up my load
so i jettison my wedding ring
yea you can have my gold
watch it sink into the green
deep down below
down where it's cold

tore up my sail
broken my keel
but you're keepin' up your gale
i thought we had a deal
my boat has been reduced
to nothing but a plank
how can i continue?
beaten by the game
beaten by his hurricane
Track Name: there goes dhalsim
I am only age 105. Fifty more to go before I die.
No one wears a loin cloth anymore
and no one walks in barefeet to the store.
People used to fear me. Now they won’t stop laughing. But I’m wiser than a shaman and
stronger than most children.

You’re older than a mountain and longer than a river
balder than an eagle and skinny as a lizard.

There goes Dhalsim, yeah, there goes Dhalsim.
There goes Dhalsim, yeah, there goes Dhalsim.

Once upon a time in India, I married me a girl, I was in love.
But I was never home to care for her
Sad to say I am…I’m a widower.
What else do I live for? I can’t wait to see her.
All I hear is people laughing. Why did I ever leave her?

Now I don’t eat or drink a drop, and people plead you have to stop.
The Dhalsim diet makes you lose weight when you lose a soul mate.
Track Name: the guile profile
Hey mister jet engineer, tell sarg that I disappeared. I gotta split from the platoon.
I swear I’d stay here in Korea, but my fair-haired dear Maria is expecting a newborn soon.
Son you’re not from ‘round here. My conscience wouldn’t be clear if I didn’t clue you in.
You’d surely meet with your maker, this here’s hell’s half acre, this goddamn town is a ruin—
Listen mack I know what I’m doin.
There’s a prize fight in Madrid tonight and I’m a shoe-in.

I’m tryin to tell you here son I know he looks like a runt, but don’t challenge him to a fight because he’s never lost one. The risk just aint worth the prize, I know you’re five times his size, but if you look into his eyes by then he’s already won.

I know you’ll do what you must and I s’pose you’ll have to just take your chances.
And I know street fighting’s tough but my Maria’s enough cause to chance this.
Track Name: vega genesis
when i was young i had a lover,
far away on the coast of china
but i left her there to fight in the street

learned the ways of the mystic banshee
crossing spain in a jeep comanche
honor was my only friend

but hungry for more power
i've betrayed my honor now

learned the ways of a march in thailand
boldest new conquering creed
lost my love and i spent my days
spreading ugliness and greed
fighting bulls and taking lives
guiding girls thru sleepless nights
some would say this is the life
but i know better now

this is how you lose the perfect match
you put the love of the game before the love that'll last
i loved her - what did i know?
now every step i take is like a kick in the face
then a kick in the gut, then again in the face
i loved here - what have i done?

lost my will as a mindless henchmen
trained, perfected death machine
when i closed my eyes i began to question
just what had become of me
did the dirty deed for bison
realized i'd been deceived
chun li's unaware but still i
wonder what she thinks of me now

can somebody help me find
the girl i called valentine
i loved her - what did i know?
the blood of my foes flows like it's wine
but still it's nil without that girl of mine
i loved her - what have i done? bison!?!?!

i was a yellow-bellied fool, the worst kind of coward
bison showed me strength; bison showed me power
blinded by those eyes, i took her father's life tonight
bison's commands given life by my hands
i'll take this to the grave i can't bear to tell chun li
but is there hope to be redeemed if the burden rests on me?
chun li promise me you'll stay in your country
bison would tear you shreds, d'you understand me?
chun li, i'm sorry. i never meant to leave.
bison just you and i know what i've done to chun li
and if i'm taking this to the grave, then i'm taking you with me
bison, i'm sorry, i can't allow you to leave

round II - fight!

i wore this thick mask of mine to shield my face during go-time
but my life's been a lie, just let me die
his eyes burn bright and down his nose i shrink from sight as his cackling grows and grows