surfing is my sport and my only joy
it helps me stay afloat when i've lost all hope

i oughta stay out here and live out my years
and forget ryu and eliza, too
i'll get a sailor's cap and grow a black mustache
and board a boat or two and if i'm in the mood
i'll pulverize the crew and i'll loot the food
and when i hand out wounds i'll pretend it's ryu
i may burn in hell for all the casualties
but it's just as well, cuz i could use the relief

there's a pirate ship
on the horizon line
cuttin' through the mist
and makin' real good time
and i've made up my mind
this boat is mine

i've been had
your scar's the same as mine
ken i'm not that bad
i just had to choose a side
now i know
so let's chart a new course and make a deal
we're on our way back to the usa
where a couple uppercuts will make this all go away


from street fight​!​!​! round three, released December 27, 2013


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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