once when i was young
it must've been around the year of 1991
i never will forget the first time i made eyes with the most radiant girl
she must've been around the age of 22 or so
i wanted to know her
she cared of nothing but street fight

her father was my friend
he asked if i'd be interested in flying all his men
across the world for tournaments
vega ken dhalsim e. honda
sagat bison zangief and blanka
balrog guile and ryu
i need somebody i can trust like you
think it over
at the time it just seemed right

so i took the old man's two cents
got my first commercial license as a pilot
'til i let myself get so caught up in street fight

he asked me please look after chun li
if anything should happen to me
i know this business can be dirty
will you be there just in case she needs a ride home??
cuz i know that she's so caught up in street fight


from street fight​!​!​! round three, released December 27, 2013
Drums on this one were performed by John Clardy III
Control Tower: Kelsy Parker


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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