where is ryu?

from street fight! round one by man factory



bison advances swiftly toward his ultimate goal of world domination. in japan, a family mourns the absence of their one-time hero, ryu. at interpol HQ, the chief is left with no choice but to call in e. honda, the loosest cannon in history.


hear me now son wipe that look off your face
you've got no reason to smile
evil's glowin' eyes have invaded our space
and now this is no place for a child

the buildings all crumble as our town is laid to waste
by a villian so potent and vile
is it really so? has our faith been misplaced?
has our hero hung us out to dry?

ryu! where is ryu?
ryu! save us from certain doom!

red alert captain we've picked up a trace!
it's a season pass to magic mile
well, he wouldn't've bought it if he didn't plan to stay
coasting in the US of A
let's bring him back now, let's resleeve the ace
let's reel in the line, let's restore the spine
the knot on our shoes and the belt 'round our waist
o the assurance radiates from his face!
he's the only hope left for this place!

well, tell the whole crew
that ryu's cut loose
yes, the rumors all were true and no, he won't come back for you
and as much as i hate to, we've gotta call the other dude
a sumo with an attitude
he's the only hope left for this place :(

e. honda's the one who'll get the job done
stop m. bison, save civilization


from street fight! round one, released December 7, 2007


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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