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when i was young i had a lover,
far away on the coast of china
but i left her there to fight in the street

learned the ways of the mystic banshee
crossing spain in a jeep comanche
honor was my only friend

but hungry for more power
i've betrayed my honor now

learned the ways of a march in thailand
boldest new conquering creed
lost my love and i spent my days
spreading ugliness and greed
fighting bulls and taking lives
guiding girls thru sleepless nights
some would say this is the life
but i know better now

this is how you lose the perfect match
you put the love of the game before the love that'll last
i loved her - what did i know?
now every step i take is like a kick in the face
then a kick in the gut, then again in the face
i loved here - what have i done?

lost my will as a mindless henchmen
trained, perfected death machine
when i closed my eyes i began to question
just what had become of me
did the dirty deed for bison
realized i'd been deceived
chun li's unaware but still i
wonder what she thinks of me now

can somebody help me find
the girl i called valentine
i loved her - what did i know?
the blood of my foes flows like it's wine
but still it's nil without that girl of mine
i loved her - what have i done? bison!?!?!

i was a yellow-bellied fool, the worst kind of coward
bison showed me strength; bison showed me power
blinded by those eyes, i took her father's life tonight
bison's commands given life by my hands
i'll take this to the grave i can't bear to tell chun li
but is there hope to be redeemed if the burden rests on me?
chun li promise me you'll stay in your country
bison would tear you shreds, d'you understand me?
chun li, i'm sorry. i never meant to leave.
bison just you and i know what i've done to chun li
and if i'm taking this to the grave, then i'm taking you with me
bison, i'm sorry, i can't allow you to leave

round II - fight!

i wore this thick mask of mine to shield my face during go-time
but my life's been a lie, just let me die
his eyes burn bright and down his nose i shrink from sight as his cackling grows and grows


from street fight​!​! round two, released April 6, 2010


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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