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Great job! To my man from the USA. Balrog with the victory.
Must have won cause you’re pouring all that champagne
Memory’s not what it used to be.
I don’t remember ever hearing any bell ding
cause we haven’t yet even stepped in a boxing ring.
So I’m turning your mic off, should have done that a long time ago.
Got no reason to trash talk. This isn’t your rap song video.
By the way, who’d you get to write that?
Sounding like a kid in a rapping class.
Too late to get your rap money paid back?
(boxin is a sport) Get your money back for that baby rap.
(it’s not for pretty boys) Who’d you pay for that? Paid a baby cash?
(good old-fashioned kicks) Get your money back for that baby rap.
(and my tiger fist) Who’d you pay for that? Paid a baby cash?
I wanna say to all you boys in the media. You don’t know it but you’re at a fight.
That’s OK, Balrog don’t know it either. Either way you gotta loosen that tie.
Here’s some words for your news clip blip bitch “off with the clothes here we go it’s my Vegas Strip”
Entertainers invade us! You and Katy go home!
Y’all gon’ wake up in Vegas after you get KO-d.
No MC so I’ll do it myself. Ladies and gentlemen, fellow countrymen:
at 7’3” in my corner is me
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. You’re at 7 count.
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. You’re at 8 count.
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. You’re at 9 count.
(boxin is my sport) Time is runnin out. That makes 10 count.

All these USAs, all these SOBs. Will it ever stop? Will they ever leave?
Sagat take it easy don’t you know you won?
It’s over when I say, I say it just begun.
Stay away from my country. Stay away from my country.
Well then promise us you won’t want foreign aid.
Sagat won’t you stay? Sagat won’t you stay here?
Fight the USA, but fight them all from here.
Sagat stay sagat stay sagat stay in your country.
Save your game save your game how much fame does a man need?
It’s not a question of my love for my country.
I like to fight, hunt for gold, circumnavigate the globe
and I know this is in my best interest.
We need you here among your folk. Fight our fear and give us hope.
What’ll it be, what’ll it be, home or sea, home or sea? Sagat please, Sagat please!
Well I’d like to help you out and defend my native city,
but look all over town you’re protected by an army.
I’d like to help you out, but hey, I’m only Sagat.
My game is all that counts I’m afraid I have to get back, get back to sea.
Oh, there goes Sagat!


from street fight​!​! round two, track released April 6, 2010


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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