good grief, zangief!

from street fight! round one by man factory



disenchanted with himself and his post-champion life, zangief yearns to recapture his old vitality, as well as the heart of a ravishing girl from china he had met many years ago.

the jet pilot tries in vain to talk him out of a fool plan to avenge this murder and win chun li's heart.


since the break-up of the soviet union
i've been broken up and thinkin of you chun
wishing that i could find you somehow
i'm sorry that i clotheslined you now
because these veins pump blood that yearns for you only
and the pro-wrestling circuit has gotten lonely
i know that i'm hardly your first pick
but i've been caught up in your whirlwind kick

chun li, you've got a strong hold on me
but i don't wanna leave
because you're all i need to be a complete zangief
chun li, you've got a strong hold on me
but i don't wanna leave
cause you're all i need to be complete

chun li i know you think that i'm all piledrivers and biceps
but there's somethin' real i feel i gotta get offa my chest
your ears are pierced your kicks are fierce your motives are righteous
if i had to go against you i couldn't i'd just die
if i looked in your eyes and saw you were just bein' nice

but why can't you look past my size
cuz without you by my side
might as well be small as a gerbil
i'm the guy who wants to do right by you
if i have to fight ryu with ten stars on turbo
if that's what it takes to make you see what i mean

zangief wait, zangief wait don't let your heart play you for a fool
there's a price that you'll pay for lettin' a lady get in a position so powerful.
but if there's a man among you worthy then you are he
these distractions it seems are best left to the birds
and fast action, zangief, will speak louder than words and
i've got it on good authority
that m. bison's gone bad even worse than before
you avenge chun li's dad she's yours forevermore
bison's cold to his core without conscience or mercy
take hold i implore son this conflict's not yours
please, don't fight

just fly


from street fight! round one, released December 7, 2007


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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