chun li, outside

from street fight! round one by man factory



chun li turns around to find herself at home, greeted by her father's visitors at the door.

m. bison, his old pupil and friend from competitive street fighting, was accompanied by a stranger whose face was obscured and wished to speak to chun li's father in private.

from outside, she hears a scream and tries in vain to pursue her father's attackers as they flee to a nearby boat dock.


bison told me run along
chun li this won't take too long
just go outside
i've got some business with your dad
and i said do i know this man
and his eyes grew white

never mind my buddy here
then he looked at me with those glowin eyes
and he said "chun li, outside"

but why?
through the door
what for?
outside! on your way!
here to stay
through the door!
what for?
but why?!

have i seen that man before
he's got the body of a matador
he reminds me of someone i once met in spain
vega my conquistador
i am afraid, i'm afraid
why did you have to move all the way to spain?
i am afraid, i'm afraid
i'm all alone, all alone
i need you here at home

well i was waiting patiently
waiting just outside
when i heard a scream
coming from inside
daddy said "chun li, goodbye"

bison got away on a boat t'ward thailand
the captain of the boat had a scar and an eyepatch
yeah bison got away now his old life's erased
he never had to pay for murdering my dad
start the engine right away
pack my bags get on a plane
look out bison here i come
on a seven-fourty-seven 'til your day is done


from street fight! round one, released December 7, 2007


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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