chun li, i'm lovin' it

from street fight! round one by man factory



chun li enlists the help of her pilot to fly her around the globe so she can exact her revenge on bison.

the pilot, who has fallen hopelessly in love with her, pleads against aiding in her dangerous mission.


chun li wait
chun li wait
chun li stay in your country
stay away
stay away
stay away from my airplane

i couldn't bear to fly you to fight another man
bison's mean, bison's bad, bison fought and killed your dad
i know you would like some revenge
well dont we all hate his guts
but i like you way too much

i coulda sworn somebody told me you liked me too
it's drivin' me wild, i got to know, tell me your smile ain't no joke
rumor has you've got a crush
but if it ain't so tell me the truth, so i can get over lovin' you
rule book says you can't date the pilot
but if i quit, you can't go and i won't be a pilot no more
i know this is my interest
but your spiky wrists, your bogus hips, rapid kick, i'm lovin' it!


from street fight! round one, released December 7, 2007


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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