balrog 24​/​7

from street fight! round one by man factory



balrog is a busy man and a business man. first his trash talking press conference in las vegas, then another one as soon as he gets to thailand. but that doesn't mean he won't stay up all night to enjoy bangkok.

he leaves the press wanting more to report on his match with champion kick boxer sagat. despite the media hype surrounding his professional boxing career, balrog will have to face a growing list of contenders as bison's right-hand man.


i'm here to serve you all the rum-punch you can drink
my name is balrog im your waiter for the evening
when i hear my bell, i turn into a beast
be my guest tonight-- all the punch'll be my treat

i make it strong use black magic when i spike it
there's nothin wrong give yourself the chance to try it
not so good at first. the aftertaste is worse.
look how your belly lurch-- nothin you can do to fight it

made in the USA just sit back take a gulp
made from your face and fist to make a bloody pulp
i bet your stomach will, will kinda like it
so won't you hold still while i use my right to strike it?

i'm gonna hand you while im at it
before the fight give you my jacket
cause im knockin you out cold
soon as i get to thailand
i think you better fold if you're afraid of my hand

i hear the guy ill fight he wears some kinda eye patch
ill have to tie both hands behind my back to handicap
that's ok because i got my head-butts
gotta wear a hat when it's time to hit the club

here in thailand all the girls are wearin thai robes
but in the US all the girls are wearin tighter clothes
but i like them earrings hangin from your lobes
hold 'em dangling rest em on my pillows.

sagat's always kickin-- kickin is for girls
i bet you chun li kicks cause chun li can't do curls
yea i kick it with her on the vegas strip
but i dont need a kick when i need to bust a lip

i only use my legs for one thing:
walk from my limo to the boxing ring.
And the only other time come to think of it
was on dancing with the stars i was doing the splits

"we're gonna need another quote for the headline
if you expect us to promote your upcoming fight"

put you're pens away!

"come on balrog"

what else can i say? is this thing on?


from street fight! round one, released December 7, 2007


all rights reserved



man factory Fort Worth

Texas band known for its momma-i'm-comin'-home-late guit riffs.

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